Knowledge and Professionalism...

In this competitive business those two words mean almost everything.

When it comes to providing services for and to the entire international maritime commerce community, Delta Launch Services defines knowledge and professionalism on the lower Mississippi River and out into the Gulf of Mexico.

Built and operating on a reputation of excellence, reaching back nearly two centuries, Delta has a unique knowledge of working with the maritime industry on the Mississippi River - the worlds busiest waterway. Never compromising safety, our licensed captains and crews work hard to successfully provide clients with the service they expect.

Delta Launch Services Provides:
Pilot launches. We are considered the best in the business. However, we also provide many more services. And, we do so with the same expectation of excellence for which our pilot launch service is widely known and respected.

Passenger assistance. We stand ready to assist in the safe embarkment and disembarkment of passengers.

Delivery and handling of packages and other items to inbound and
outbound vessels in the main passages or channels, including MRGO, South Pass, Southwest Pass, Pilottown and Venice Docks.

A variety of services to agents, including: transportation for the inspections of vessels, divers taking samples of oil, and video taping of vessel hulls, cargo and other subjects. We also provide transportation for engineers and mechanics for vessel maintenance, as well as AIS escorts.

Delta Launch Services also stands prepared, at all times, to assist the United States Coast Guard whenever help is needed during emergency situations.

While our services are the best on the river, our fees remain highly competitive. Delta knows it is not always enough to be the best, to have knowledge and the experience. We recognize cost is important.

For all requests for service, please dial 504-708-5413

Seth W. Tomas
Operations Manager (Venice)
(251) 382-5916
Paul Thomas Chastant III, Esq., CPA
Manager (Metairie)
Main Phone: (504) 831-6615
Direct Line: (504) 841-3401

(504) 219-0096
(504) 219-0046

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